This podcast by Jamie Bahr is a culmination of thirty years of experience in adult ministry, leadership develop and mentoring practices. This is her final project of a four-course sequence on authentic discipleship to Jesus Christ with The Renovare’ Institute. Renovare’ is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and churches to become better Christians by engaging in “intentional Christian spiritual formation”. The goal of this podcast is to assist church and missional leaders with a process for engaging in spiritual practices that are essential for growing responsibility and expanding leadership.

Jamie has a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary. Prior to attending Fuller, she received advanced training with Vantage Point 3 while serving as Director of Adult Ministry and leadership development. Earlier she completed Advanced II training with Growing Healthy Churches while leading Women’s ministry, Precepts bible studies and Spiritual Retreats. She has served along side Randy Reese, Rob Loane, Rick Weber, Dan Spader, Carlo Walth and other leaders in Christian formation. She has been a speaker at national and regional conferences for Christian Formation and church development.

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"My heart is for the local church and the leaders who are called to serve God and others with intentional practices that they can mentor to the next generation. Mentoring principles and practices are a key component in my leadership and teaching. With over 35 years of experience my calling is to “unlock” the Christian spiritual practices that shape godly character in the leaders that influence our families, churches and communities." -Jamie